Play Music Magazine's review of 100 club gig

Posted on Friday, 5 December 2003

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The Carousels at The 100 Club in London's Oxford Street. Review by Play Music Magazine.

Some bands refuse to be pigeonholed. Take The Carousels for instance. With 10 of the buggers spread across the 100 club's wide stage, it's tricky to know what to make of Doncaster's finest export.

In 2003, country tinged, Bert Bacharach-influenced, orchestral pop isn't exactly flavour of the month, but that's what makes The Carousels so compelling. Where most new bands are still working out what settings their Marshalls produce the most MC5ish tone, The Carousels are creating their own universe.

The most transparent reference point is Neil hannon's Divine Comedy, all bittersweet music hall tales of life's rich pageant. The Carousels could have been formed any time in the last sixty years. The fact that they've chosen to turn up now is just our good fortune.

Chief crooner Mick Humphries is a born star, playing the cheeky Northerner in direct contradiction to Liam Gallagher's grumpy old man routine. The cumulative effect is that by the time they finish with the irresistible 'A Bend in the River' singing along is the only option. Quality stuff.

Robert Collins


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