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Posted on Friday, 21 November 2003

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Unpeeled Fanzine Review of 'We Don't Need Roads'

The kind of thing that Dr Who would have gone in for if he'd copped a guitar instead of a tardis. None of these three excellently crafted tunes acknowledge much in the way of influences post 1970, but prior to that... 'We Don't Need Roads' is a feast of brass and rolling piano lines like Leon Russel on the pop with Ray Davies, and while that's a party I'd not considered before, it's one I'd like to gatecrash, uplifting as a scud up the arse. 'The Waltz' is something that The Broken Family Band would be proud to call their own in it's cheery maudlin precision stumble towards the original Ole Orpy and the brass swells the choruses to frankly indecent dimensions. Tailender here is 'Just One Kiss' and again it's Ray Davies, but a clone that seems to be doing the American heartland road trip with a fuzz pedalled guitar and a posse of crisp acoustics. Check them out and that's an order.



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