Welcome to the Sugar Cane Club album review

Posted on Tuesday, 28 October 2003

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A Drowned in Sound Review of tracks from 'Welcome to the Sugar Cane Club' album.

Seemingly unaware, or indeed uninterested in musical movements post 1964, Doncaster's The Carousels sport such grace and flair on this recording that it seems unfathomable that they aren't the biggest band in the world right now. Armed with a dog eared copy of 'Ogden's Nutgone Flake' and a truckload of Dexy's brass, these Doncaster kids aim to make a sound that is friendly and warm, cradling your heart with classic pop song writing by doing so. Futurists will argue that they're hardly reinventing the wheel, but what a lovely, lovely wheel they are making, all shiny and pretty and fresh. Squelchy analog synth, parping brass arrangements, male voice choirs... this is a band with fucking ideas, scope, and most likely, a younger sibling in the school orchestra! 'We don't need Roads' is as gloriously Luddite as the title suggests, lovely weary eyed singing but with fragments of optimism and hope. Likewise, 'Just One Kiss' can melt a man. Dickheads will use the words 'alt' and 'country' and let them do so, for they no know better, but this is just soul music: pure and simple, timeless and classic, joyous and holy. Put these songs on 12" lads and go straight to the top of the class, the worls needs the joy that The Carousels have to offer. Check dis shit out.

James Jam


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